Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Lazy Day Today

Petros jumping his heart out at the balloon festival. He is doing a great job.
We had a good time even though we did not see any balloons launch during the whole weekend. The weather did not co-operate very well. Petros sure enjoyed the rides.
Petros and Mommy enjoyed the rides at the balloon festival here and Petros showed off one of his funny faces. I love all of his facial expressions. I love that great smile of his too. I love his Mommy's smile as well.

We had an enjoyable day and just as we were getting ready to leave it started to sprinkle so we timed that just right. Petros and I even got to split a piece of fried dough. It was yummy.
Here is a cute picture of Allie and Petros. She escaped from his hug but I captured the both of them before she got out of Grampy's chair. :) They are both growing so fast and they are both so amazing. They both bring us such joy.
Here is the princess enjoying her bath. She screamed when I took her out. Gee what a surprise!

Until next time....


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Home For One Year :-D

Hello Again,
Yes I know it has been a long time - Sorry.
Well today is one year since Petros has been home in Steep Falls, Maine. It has been such an exciting year for him and he has grown and learned so very much. He is such an amazing young man and such a joy to have in our families. He is the most kind hearted child that you would ever want to meet always thinking about everyone else except for himself. He can do whatever he sets his little mind to. He decided one day that he wanted to ride his bike without training wheels and when his mother came home from work he was riding his bike down the road with (you guessed it) no training wheels. :-D He beats me at any game we play on his mom's I-Phone and I do not go easy on him either. He knows more about that phone than I will ever know. Maybe I should get him over here to see why my computer is so slow. I'm sure he can fix it. I cannot say enough about him - can you tell? He is such a blessing in our lives and I'm sure that everyone will agree whole heartedly when I say we are more proud of him as each day passes and his accomplishments just astonish us. This child will grow up and show the world just what he has to offer and that will be ALOT. There is always a cute daily story of something that he has done and I love hearing them.
Here are a couple of photos of a year ago when he came home. What a little cutie pie. He is just so adorable.
Oh, and just look at Mr. Cool himself now. How handsome and still so adorable. So happy and so well adjusted to life in Maine.
He loves to take pictures of himself. He does a pretty good job too. Gotta love those beautiful eyes.
Miss Allie is growing up fast as well. She is now 14 1/2 months now. She is walking and now has 6 teeth. Still hardly any hair but that's okay. She has quite a vocabulary - Probably over 40 words now. She calls her Grampy LeVasseur, "Mike." She hears me say it and just goes with the flow I guess. We had her last weekend and she woke up on Sunday morning and the first thing she said was, "Mike - Mike." Apparently she wanted him to get her up. The first thing that she does when she gets here is look for Tasha (the cat) and points her finger at her and says, "Tasha no." The poor cat hasn't even done anything. She heard her daddy sneeze the other day and when he was done sneezing she said, "bess you." It was so cute. She loves to play outside and gets feisty when you bring her in. She certainly has a mind of her own and lets you know it if she does not agree with you. She is not mild mannered. Her parents are going to have a run for their money with this one that is for sure! She is a handful but such a joy all the same.
Climbing the slide and God forbid that anyone try and help her!
Made it to the top of the slide and ready to slide right back down. :-D
Her first car and God help anyone that trys to take her out of it because it's not pretty.

Can you all tell that I love my grandchildren dearly and I am so very proud? They are both so precious to me and hold a very special and huge place in my heart.

That's all for now. I hope that you all enjoy the pictures.

Until next time....


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Maine Maple Sunday With Family

Greetings To All,

Yes I do know that it has been a long long time since I have posted a blog - Shame on me and I do not have any excuse.

Today is Maine Maple Sunday and Mike and I joined Tiff, Dan and Petros along with Cheryl and Melissa, Gavin and Avery at Cooper's Farm in Windham for a pancake and bacon breakfast with, of course, tasty maple syrup. It was delicious. Petros sure was enjoying it immensely.

After breakfast we went to see animals. What fun. We saw cows (which Petros had no problem with picking up a handful of hay and feeding them) minature horses, pheasants, peacocks and an ostrich. All very interesting.
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Oh, and of course Grampy had to buy some real maple syrup. Mmmm Good! Just can't leave with out that.

We can't leave out the part where Grammy fell down and scraped up her knee walking back down the muddy hill, but Tiff came to my rescue. Thank You Tiff. The worst part is that I ripped the knee of my best jeans. That stinks! It made it all better when Petros called a few hours later to ask if my knee is all better. He is just too sweet and thoughtful. :)

All - in - all it was a very fun filled morning.

And for those of you who have expressed to me that they are having "Allie withdrawals" (that would be you Lorraine) here are some photos of that little cutie pie as well.

Enjoy all of the pics-

Until next time....


Friday, December 26, 2008

Grandparents First Christmas

Hello Again,

I must say that Mike and I had a wonderful Christmas. It was so much fun watching our grandchildren on their first Christmas with them.
Of course Allie, only being 7 months old, is just a bit young to realize just what was going on. But she was sure glad to see everyone and to be getting all of the attention. She is always happy to see her Auntie Tiff.
As for Petros, well he was just amazed with all of the presents and maybe a bit on overload, but having so much fun all of the same. Always a smile on that little boys face.

What a joy both of these children are.

Enjoy the pictures.

Until next time....


Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Fun Weekend

Hello again,

We have had another lovely weekend here at the LeVasseur home.

Allie came to visit for the weekend and of course we had a fun filled couple of days with her.

Saturday she got to go and have a photo with Santa and she did a very good job. Her mother - AKA - My daughter conned me into taking her to get her ears pierced because she was too chicken to do it. I must admit, I almost chickened out as well. But we got through it with help from my good friend Kate. She held Allie while the deed was done. She seems to have forgotten all about it now - Just as smiley as ever.
We all went to a Christmas party at Danny & Cheryl's house Saturday evening which was a very good time. Petros was so very entertaining and showed us quite a nice dance. He is a very good little dancer. I know that I say it at every post, but this kid amazes me. We did a Yankee Swap and Tiff and Dan had explained that to Petros prior to the party and he wanted to participate. He chose a gift to buy which was a toy and it got opened by someone, then it was his turn and he chose to take the toy and have that person open another gift. All good right? Well his Nana got #1 so she got to pick last so she went up to him and pretended that she might like to take the toy and give him her candle, this child just looked at the toy that he so wanted and said, "okay" with a smile. Then of course Nana told him that she had changed her mind and his eyes lit up because he knew he got to keep his toy. He is just the best little boy. He keeps telling his parents that he wants a baby in the house. Well, Tiff is a natural she kept little Miss Allie quite happy all evening. Allie was tired and would get a bit fussy and along came Auntie Tiff to the rescue and guess who would get a smile on her face. Well both Auntie Tiff and Allie, but Allie sure wanted to be with her Auntie all evening that's for sure. :)
Enjoy the pictures.

Until next time....


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Still Here in LA

Hello Again,

Yes, I know it has been quite a while since I have posted a blog. I wish that I could say that I have been busy but that is not the case. I have been lazy.

Our grandchildren are healthy, happy and growing like weeds. Would we have it any other way? No. They are absolute dreams to be around and we treasure every moment that we are around them.

Petros' adoption is final and he had his day in court (at the children's museum) to prove it. With a judge and the whole bit. He had a great time playing at the museum after the ceremony. He was all dressed up so handsome and quite the little star of the day.

He is quite the intelligent young man and amazes everyone everyday. Please check out Tiff & Dan's blog and view their well done montage in celebration of it being 6 months since the referral date.

Allie is now 6 months old more and more animated. She made a funny face when I was feeding her some fruit the other day and I laughed out loud at her and she looked at me and laughed right back at me. What a riot she has become. She is a very happy baby with a smile on her face a good part of the time. She absolutely loves to jump in her jump - n - go. She will jump in that thing for an hour or so at a time. I have to wonder if she gets leg aches?!
I can hardly wait to see both of these little ones together at Christmas. I know that Allie won't know what is going on but it will be our first Christmas with the both grandchildren and it's going to be a special one. :)

Mike's mother's birthday is tomorrow and I just know that she is going to be 39 years young. :) Have a wonderful day Penny.

Until next time....


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Times

Hello Again,

Happy times have been many for me lately. I have been enjoying these two wonderful grandchildren immensely. They have brought such joy to our lives that words cannot even describe.

Petros is learning more and more English every second of every day that it amazes all of us. He is always coming up with some phrase that his parents do not expect him to say. He is such a handsome and loving little boy. He loves putting puzzles together and playing games and I just can't wait to see what he thinks of the snow. Just wait until he walks on it and he finds that it is slippery! Oh, he is going to have fun this winter, I just know it. :) I actually am looking forward to going sliding with him and hearing him squeal as we go down the hill. It just gives me the chance to be a great big kid again or let the kid in be loose. How fun will that be?!
Allie will be 5 months old tomorrow. Can you believe it?! She does not use the pacifier anymore - Oh no - She uses her thumb! Much better, you can't loose that. She is just such a happy little baby with a great disposition and learning more and more all of the time. She is growing like a weed and still no hair, but as beautiful as they come. :)
I have to say that we are blessed with two wonderful grandchildren and we are thrilled that they are both in our lives. They have both, already, brought so much joy, love and meaning to our lives that I cannot even begin to explain.


Until next time....